Welcome to OnlineTime Sheet

Online Time Sheet is a simple and easy-to-use online system for projects’ time tracking and billing. Online Time Sheet is designed to keep track of time spent on projects; to manage and allocate tasks to employees and to keep track of their progress.

Online Time Sheet offers a complete solution for project time tracking that accommodate client, employees and managers.

Managers create tasks and assign them to employees. Each task is allocated to a client and to a specific project which makes billing fast and easy.

Employees perform their tasks and log their time into the system. When capturing their timesheet, employees can add comments to each timesheet entry. Upon completion the manager can mark the task as completed.

have the functionality to create a task and to track the progress of those tasks.
The system includes an administrative tool that allows managers to create, edit and delete users and clients.

Furthermore, the system also has leave management integrated. Employees can request leave, their managers get notified via email and there is an approval process.

A set of useful reports generated by the system helps managers to always be informed of projects status. Billing reports, leave reports, project reports and employee reports are just few of the available reports.

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